Trinity is a church that embraces the teaching of the Bible as our sole authority. However, Christians have often found it helpful to clarify what they believe the Bible teaches. Our Statement of Faith summarizes essential Christian beliefs, shows unity in Christ, and guards the church from error. 

All who join Trinity have read and understand the TBC Statement of Faith. This statement serves as our collective understanding of the essential beliefs for a church fellowship.

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All Trinity members willingly submit themselves to one another. We've made that commitment through a covenant--a statement on how we will live. The church covenant is equal parts promise, summary of expectations, ethical statement, and biblical standard.

We use our covenant in two key ways at Trinity. First, we require all new members to affirm it before joining the church. Second, we reaffirm our commitment to the covenant before receiving the Lord's Supper, when we come together as a body affirming our belief in the gospel. By featuring the covenant in our life together, we strive to protect ourselves from individual and corporate sin. Of equal importance, we spur one another on to live in light of a greater covenant, one initiated by love, sealed by sacrifice, and kept for eternity by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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The Constitution deals with the principles, offices, accountabilities, and procedures of congregational life. It’s functional nature makes it all the more important to the life of the church. Among numerous other topics, it details our church’s purpose, membership process, offices, meetings, and methodology for conflict resolution, giving our congregation necessary practical guidance. 

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